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Posted on 10/06/2021 in Personal Growth

Getting Motivated and staying Motivated

Getting Motivated and staying Motivated

Good day people, 

I'm happy to announce we are revamping our content platform to bring you more consistent information about staying healthy, fitness, nutrition, emotional wellness and so much more. We had a bit of a hiatus but this platform was built with the intention of helping anyone who needs motivation to focus on their highest potential to find it here. 

So many of us go through life looking for the motivation to accomplish our goals but get swept away in the hustle of everyday life. i am guilty of this my self which is why a platform like this is so necessary. I've committed to bringing you more consistent information to help you stay focused and achieve those goal you set. I understand now more than ever a sense of community, weather its just me to you or a group of like minded people who hold each other accountable and motivate one another is so crucial in accomplishing this task of staying motivated. our goals are only as good as our mindset to achieve them so setting ourselves up for success is crucial. at superverse we are going to bring you everything from fitness instruction to positive inner guidance resource to keep you on track. Welcome to our platform and welcome to your highest self ! Stay tuned!

Let me share a resource to hep get you started on staying motivated. I introduce you to Ydrate Nelson, M. Ed, AKA Ydrate The Motivator, is an award winning humanitarian and speaker, poet, author, certified life coach and education consultant, who activates different techniques to engage, motivate, inspire, educate and empower audiences.

 His new book Cultivating a Motivated Mindset is a good start on your path to staying motivated. Take a look and see if this can help to get you started on your path to greatness. Cultivating a Motivated Mindset Well see you again soon !

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