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Many face the problem of finding the right and perfect trainer, nutrition or wellness expert that fits perfectly to their specific needs. We have made it very easy to find professionals and experts that provide personalized services tailored to help you reach your highest potential whatever your goal may be.

Access Reviews

To aid your search and selection, we have a review system in place that shows you how each trainer, nutritionist and wellness professional has performed based on other clients’ reviews. Also, you are able to verify certification and only choose certified professionals to work with. FREE!

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At Superverse®, you can join and browse trainer feedback and certification all for free! We make it very easy for you to connect with professionals and experts you like and build a professional relationship with them. We have exciting events and experts we bring you from our vast community of professionals.

Are you ready to find a professional and certified local trainer, nutrition or wellness expert today?

How It Works

Search for a Trainer, Nutrition, or Wellness Expert

Use our website to search trainer, nutrition or wellness professionals by specialty or location. It's easy to search and find top-rated professionals.

Compare Your Search Results

After searching, learn more by comparing quotes, reviews, and full profiles of each trainer, nutrition or wellness professional.

Contact the Expert of your choice!

Once you find a trainer, nutrition or wellness professionals that you like, contact them to get more information. Our members are happy to hear from you!

Enjoy access to tons of free health information and access to Superverse® Seminars!

We have created a platform like no other! Paid Membership to Superverse®includes free admission to our seminars that include:

Q&A Sessions with the Founder Steven Goard as well as any of the Certified Superverse® specialist we have on our site - We address specific questions from attendees and will offer guidance ranging from the most basic questions on health and well-being to specifics on strength and conditioning.

Interactive Q&A - We will also have real-time demonstration of concepts like mind-muscle connection, partial reps and full reps to assist you in fine tuning and achieving your health goals!

New Product and Fitness Features - We will feature several new and interesting fitness programs and products from various vendors who all focus on wellness and fitness.

Free information on new healthy recipes, programs, events and much more! These events are also open to the public for a small admission!

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