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Upcoming Superverse® Events

 Superverse® Events

Check out our next event to get access to tons of free information and our live Interactive Q&A about training, nutrition and overall wellness! Our Events are open to the public as well!

Seminars Include:

  • Free Admission for Superverse® Memberships!
  • Q&A Sessions with the Founder Steven Goard as well as any of the Certified specialist we have in our community. - We address specific questions from attendees and will offer guidance ranging from the most basic questions on health and well-being to specifics on strength and conditioning. 
  • Interactive  Q&A - We will also have real-time demonstration with equipment of concepts like mind-muscle connection, partial reps and full reps to assist you in fine tuning and achieving your health goals!
  • Free information on new healthy recipes for ailments, training programs, giveaways and much more!

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